About Us

About CHLTAATCO, as a part of MetaCorp, a conglomerate of companies in a wide variety of markets, was incorporated in 1949. The Operational and Garage division is where it all began. At that time mostly active in the transport business for Exxon’s Oil Refinery (LAGO), not only transporting regular cargo, but also moving extraordinary large and heavy cargo. Our roots originate from those days.

ATCO has come a long way in the last half century and now covers different markets such as heavy equipment rentals, container hauling, heavy lifts, demolition, land cleaning and much much more.

In late 2002 and early 2003 a spin-off division, solely concentrating on Heavy Lift and Heavy Transports, was formed to better separate ATCO’s activities. This division is now known as “Caribbean Heavy Lift & Transport Aruba”.

Since, but also prior to the formation of this division we have gained worldwide experience and recognition in handling small, medium and large size projects. Today we employ an international team of highly competent heavy lift and heavy Transport experts that builds on a vast worldwide experience. We grew beyond our original boundaries, the Caribbean area, and have safely completed challenging projects in various countries in the Middle East, West and East Africa and of course in the Caribbean and the U.S.A.