Our Operation

TransportThe operational division of ATCO is where it all began. Between 1949 and 1975 ATCO based its income mainly on transporting bulk cargo for the Lago Oil Refinery. This division has since grown into a diversified unit.

Equipment Rental

ATCO owns a large fleet of operated and rental equipment. From light plants, to compressors, to manlifts, to cranes up to 100 ton in capacity.

Our experienced operators and supervisors can also assist in advising the best approach in order to execute lifts as safely as possible.

A tractor-trailer rental often goes hand in hand with crane rentals as the equipment or objects being lifted need to be moved and relocated. ATCO can provide flatbed trailers, lowboys and other heavy cargo trailers to give such services. In addition to trailers, ATCO also has dump-trailers capable of moving bulk materials fast and efficient.

Our current inventory on tractors and trailers:

  • Tractors of which two extra heavy
  • Trailers
  • 40′ Flatbeds
  • 100 ton Lowboys
  • 350 ton Goldhofer
  • 30 Cuyd dump-trailers
  • Forklift medium and small size lowboy

Container Hauling

Everyday of the week ATCO services many customers all over the island by hauling their containers between Oranjestad port and commercial- and private locations. ATCO has been hauling containers since the first containers were brought to the island in early 1970. ATCO has the newest and largest fleet of tractors on the island and is capable of servicing any of your hauling needs, whether it is simple container hauling or hauling complicated and dangerous goods.

Containers can be grounded by our special rear loader and side loader equipment. No need to mobilize an additional crane.


ATCO is the only company with the most equipment on the island due to its diversified business units. ATCO has an extensive fleet of trucks, trailers, forklifts and many other equipment. In order to maintain all of this equipment and insure reliable service to our customers, it is imperative to have a well-equipped garage. Equipped not only with professional maintenance tools and equipment, but also staffed with experienced personnel.

Computerized maintenance and troubleshooting helps our staff to organize efficient maintenance programs and keep all our equipment rolling for best possible service.